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New R&D building founded

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Further progress.

As a leader of domestic electric bicycle controller, no matter in sales, or in the background of the market share is far ahead of their peers, LiShui electronics research institute co., LTD., are not satisfied with their current achievements. Because we know: market like battlefield, not to advance is to go back, open source is the soul of business.

On this basis, the company invested more than 500 ten thousand yuan to build research and development buildings, a total of 2500 square meters. Not only add large test equipment such as chassis control machine, more will be readjusted by the layout of the entire company. To expand production site, new high-power electric controller, lawn mower controller, the refrigerator controller, such as project, for LiShui electronic research institute co., LTD., the vigorous development of provided strong impetus.

Nesting ultra-competitive, chicken habitat.

Market competition, the competition is focused on the product. Product competition, the key is talent competition. Construction of research and development buildings, are expected to be put into use in early 2016. The use of the new building, not only expanded the company's production base, at the same time for the employees, especially the company technical personnel to provide superior work environment and working conditions. Advanced experimental conditions, perfect experimental equipment, to provide product the perfect implementation of the perfect hardware facilities, more various technical personnel implementation provides ideal conditions for a cause, and further become a steady stream of new products of excellence incubator!

When aim high, modest bow and enterprising!

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