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Why controllers must be purchased from the most professional manufacturers?

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1. Controller is the “brain” of an e-bike. If controller has problems, it will cause the e-bike to stop working completely, even worse, it may put risks on the safety of the riders.

2. From R&D, testing, production to examination, every step of controller manufacturing requires professional knowledge and experience.

3. Controller needs to be compatible with other electronic components, such as battery, motor, and display panel, which also depends on the experience of the controller manufacturer.

4. Under many circumstances, controller needs to be customized according to the customer’s requirements, which asks for strong R&D capability and quick reactions of the producer. In addition, fully understanding customers' requirements and planning the design and production also require long-term accumulation of practical experience.

Nanjing Lishui Electronics Research Institute Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years’ research and production experience for e-bike controllers. It has produced more than 4 million pieces of e-bike controllers of quality and reliability, among which over 300,000 pieces are exported to European market. Its market share is No.1 in Europe up to present. It can customize high-quality controllers quickly according to customers’ special requirements. It has been proved to be an ideal choice for both e-bike manufacturers and consumers.

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